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David William Hodges


Mary K. Ward (US Navy Hospital Corps Wave veteran) was kind enough to forward additional information.

He was born May 13, 1915 in Illinois, one of at least five children of William Henry Hodges and Mary L (Robertson) Hodges. He died Feb 4, 1942 at age 26 during the WWII Battle of Makassar Strait in Indonesia.

Storekeeper Second Class Hodges was one of fifteen crew Killed In Action aboard U.S.S. Marblehead (CL-12) when the light cruiser was struck by Japanese dive bombers in the Java Sea.

David's mother died at age 50 when he was 12 years old. His father married a widow, Mrs John B. (Mary Eva) SETTEM, whose son, John B. SETTEM MM2c, served aboard the USS Stewart.

* Charles Francis Hodges (1896 - 1968)
* Earl H Hodges (1907 - 1972)
* Zella Edna Hodges Casey born 1909 in Oklahoma, died May 23, 1949 in Los Angeles co., CA, age 40, wife of Raymond Casey.
* Huldah Elizabeth Hodges DeBerry born in 1920 in San Bernardino, CA, died Dec 15, 1977 in Los Angeles co., CA, age 57, wife of William DeBerry

DAVID'S STEP-BROTHER, John B. SETTEM Jr, born Jan 5, 1920, died Jan. 1983 last address, Brisbane, Australia
Sources: WWII Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Casualties, 1941-1945; US WWI Draft Registration Cards; etc.

Previously posted:
There is not much information available regarding David Hodges.  According to one sailor's account, he was in the hospital for treatment of third degree burns over most of his body.  Mr. Hodges told this sailor that he was an orphan and had no family.

In August 2008 I received an email from a gentleman who is a nephew of Mr. Hodges.  Mr. Hodges had a brother, John B. Settem, MM2c, who served aboard the USS Stewart.

If you have additional information regarding Mr. Hodges, please contact the Webmaster, Craig Chariton.

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