Photos of Marblehead sailors in 1940- 41, prior to beginning of World War II in the Pacific. Taken by YN1 John M. Anglin of Campbell, Texas. Discoloration caused by fuel oil damage to album during the Battle of the Makassar Straits. Identities of the men unknown.

Photos courtesy of Michael Anglin (son)

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pacificprewwiiunknown1940415_small.jpg pacificprewwiiunknown1940416_small.jpg pacificprewwiiunknown1940417_small.jpg pacificprewwiiunknown1940418_small.jpg
pacificprewwiiunknown1940419_small.jpg pacificprewwiiunknown19404110_small.jpg pacificprewwiiunknown19404111_small.jpg
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Comment by Ray Kester, 12/2011:

The Asiatic Fleet was formed to protect the American interests in China and the Philippines—primarily missionaries and Standard Oil. Other nations, England, France, Germany, Italy, and Portugal had a presence in the area. Asiatic Fleet duty was considered a plum assignment. Prices were cheap. There were many bars and cabarets where drinks and companionship of beautiful Chinese and White Russian ladies were available. White Russians, many wealthy and well educated, were displaced from Russia by the Red Russians take-over. Another look at the photos makes me think that they were taken in Shanghai or Tlsingtao 1939 or 1940. These ladies were not missionaries; but could have been met at legitimate venues such as theatre, racetrack, parks, etc.

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